​           ROBERT                      

The youngest and newest member of the Sugar Maples, Robert brings a maturity to his music that belies his age. A self-described “laid-back guitarist,” he prefers to let the music speak for itself – although be assured that he can shred the frets when necessary. A guitar and ukulele teacher, Robert has performed solo or as part of a duet for years. He’s loving the opportunity to collaborate, communicate creatively and share camaraderie with his new band mates


Surrounded by music as a child, Jodi learned to sing by harmonizing with her mother and grandmother in the back of the family car. Not to take away from those early car trips, it’s her natural ability and smooth, smoky voice that hook audiences within the first few bars and make every performance feel intimate. A talented writer of heartfelt lyrics, Jodi is the soul of the Sugar Maples.




Some people are just wired to play and perform music. An award-winning bassist, multi-instrumentalist and the other half of the Sugar Maples’ song-writing team, Stefan brings years of experience and many musical influences (not to mention a few road stories) to the band. Music   has always been a part of his life, from performing nationally as part of a high school jazz trio to touring Western Canada with an assortment of blues and funk bands.


A driving force behind the Sugar Maples, Dallas is an instructor, studio musician and general working drummer around the Campbell River area. A jazz guy at heart, Dallas got his first taste of fame as a teenager winning national awards with the well-known Robron High School band program. Having played with numerous groups in a variety of genres over the years, he knows that what the Sugar Maples have is special and looks forward to growing, evolving and keeping the beat going strong. 


Lynay creates truly magical harmonic and creative elements in studio and is equally adept at bringing her experience and energy to the stage. A classically trained pianist with a degree in voice, she’s also an instructor, choir director and occasional musical theatre performer. Lynay loves the creative process and is passionate about telling stories through music.


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From honey-sweet vocals and toe-tapping rhythms to heaven-sent harmonies and lyrics that speak from the soul, the Sugar Maples have woven their talents into a unique sound that resonates with listeners.

With a deep repertoire of original tunes, plus a few unpredictable covers that they’ve chopped up like a cord of wood and made their own, the Sugar Maples move easily from folky bluegrass to blues-based country rock. Their style has continually evolved since the band took root in Campbell River in 2012, with each member bringing an eclectic collection of styles and influences to the stage. 

The result is a contagious blend of musical genres that warms the spirit, ignites audiences and wears out dancing shoes!.